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¡Mayday! by ¡MAYDAY!

A holiday from horrible hip-hop.

Artwork for ¡MAYDAY!

A couple months back I was searching through a bunch of, well… shit when I found this gem. From the first song I could tell I was hooked. With their hard-hitting sound, Mayday really pulls off a distinct hip-hop flavor.

Mission Statement: Never has a hip-hop album got it so right on the first track (I over embellish at times). From the first note it grabs your attention and pulls you in. It incorporate some unique instrumentals; but what sets Mayday apart is their ability to flow without missing a beat. This is why I love Mission Statement so much!… along with Macro/Micro… and really most of their songs. :)

4X4 is a nice transition from Mission Statement into a highly charged, intense beat. I wouldn’t call this song the best out of the group, but it makes for a great addition to the party mix.

Groundhog Day isn’t a favored track, but since it was their first single I decided to comment. Although, the track has some great vocals with a somewhat catchy tagline – “same shit, different day” (originating from Stephen King’s “Dreamcatcher“) – its longevity falls short. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good song, but it’s overshadowed by much better ones.

Macro/Micro is a well chilled, smoke-worthy song. That’s all I need to/should say. Just listen to this one… it’s damn good!

This album is a welcome break from most mainstream garbage. The only drawback to the album is that the first half outshines the rest of it.

Some other favorite tracks include: In the VIP, Chasing Ghosts and Angles.

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¡MAYDAY! Information:
Genre: Hip-Hop
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Group Members:
BernBiz: Vocals
Wrekonize: Vocals
Plex Luthor: Keys, Producer
Gianna Cash: Percussion, DJ
L. T. Hopkins: Drums
Label: SouthBeat Records
Additional Albums: On 2 Someth’n | The Thinnest Line | Technology
Similar Artists: Doomtree | Cancer Rising
Links: Mayday Online | Myspace | Wikipedia | YouTube | Facebook | | AllMusic

Album Information:
Release Date: September 26, 2006
Note: Their first single, Groundhog Day, received two million hits within a couple of days after its premiere on YouTube.
Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon Mp3 | iTunes