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The Crystal Method · Make Some Noise (Put ’em Up)

featuring Yelawolf sounding a hell of a lot like Zack de la Rocha

Yelawolf (Vibin)

The Crystal Method got a chance to collaborate with Yelawolf for the movie Reel Steal. I was excited to see the movie before, now I can’t wait to hear the full soundtrack, as well. In the duo’s collab song, “Make Some Noise (Put ’em Up),” Yela sounds a hell of a lot like Zack de la Rock from Rage Against the Machine and The Crystal Method beat isn’t far off either. Whatever it is, I’m lovin em together. Dudes should definitely think about a more legit collab in the future.

The Crystal Method
Genre: Alternative Dance, Chemical Breaks, Big Beat, Breakbeat, Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
Origin: Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Nevada
Members: Scott Heisler Kirkland, Ken B. Jordan
Label: Tiny e Records
Crystal Method on: | Twitter | Wikipedia | Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube

Genre: Hip-Hop, Ghettotech, Alternative
Name: Michael Wayne Atha
Birth: December 30, 1979
Origin: Gadsden, Alabama
Label: Ghet-O-Vision, Shady, Interscope, DGC
Yelawolf on: | Wikipedia | Twitter | Facebook