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Lazer Disco

I love lazer!

Another style of house we made up. I freakin’ love lasers! I first remember it in ghetto funk, but it makes its appearance all over electro funk, house and everywhere electronic.

If it’s not clear off the bat what I mean by lazer, just think the synth sound and blow it out to extravagant proportions. Something like our glam fucks. Really pierces the ears.

It’s bold. It’s fresh. It’s the best music to dance to right now – it’s rooted in disco for god’s sake.

Lazer Disco tracklist

Shaun Frank – Time
Berry Juice – Down My Spine
KOA – All Of My Love

The Knocks – Comfortable (Oliver Nelson Remix)
Hot Natured – Benediction (Lxury Remix)
Phonat – Never (Icarus Remix)

Box of Wolves – Boy feat. Christa Vi (Cyclist Remix)
ODESZA Ft Zyra – Say My Name (Basic Tape Remix)
Moon Boots – There’s No Love

NVOY – Going On
Les Loups – Colourblind (Ft. Cybil)
Escort – Cocaine Blues (Turbo Suit Remix)

Original artwork by Chiara