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Just Like Everyone Else by Solid Gold

"Keep your fuckin' mouth shut."

Artwork - Bodies of Water by Solid Gold

Ever since I can remember, my father has hated the word fuck. I, however, kinda like it. It’s served me well, expressing my thoughts when I lacked the more appropriate words – it has so many uses. Yes, it can be crude & inappropriate, but it can express something like no other word can. It may even shock some at times, for example – when used in music, but isn’t that the fun in it anyway?

Now, when I talk about it being used in music, I don’t mean by those hip-hop hooligans, they tend to overuse it. I’m talking about when a musician drops it when you’re least expecting it. A good example is Solid Gold’s “Just Like Everyone Else”. Zach Coulter’s voice is anything but crude, but when he slips in the good ol’ fuck bomb, it gets your attention. It was surprising at first, but after a while you start to understand its purpose. How else could you express such hurt & anguish from an ex-love? Just picture the song without all the fucks, it’s just not as affective. I gotta give credit to Coulter for his use, and not overuse, of the word. Well played, sir.

If your in Minneapolis tonight, Solid Gold is playing at the Weisman Art Museum at 9. I may hit it up if I’m over in the Twin Cities tonight.
Edit: I just looked at the website and it’s sold out… fuck.

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Solid Gold Information:
Genre: Glam Rock, Synth Pop, Electronic
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Adam Hurlburt
Matt Locher
Zach Coulter
Albums: Who You Gonna Run to? | Synchronize | Bodies of Water
Similar Artists: GAYNGS | Broken Bells
Links: MySpace | | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | | AllMusic

Just Like Everyone Else Information:
Album: Bodies of Water
Release Date: October 21, 2008
Buy Links: Amazon