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Our second anti-Valentine's Day celebration

We anti-Valentined last year with our Hip Hop + Heartbreak, thanks to the help of mimb, and this year we’re covering everything but (hip hop).

Most of heartbroke (as fuck) is some sort of soul music along the electronic scale, leaning heavy on electronic near the end.

If you’re in for a lonely Valentine’s this year, I hope this makes for a good background soundtrack.

Heartbroke tracklist

FKJ – Waiting feat. Madelyn Grant
Les Sins – Why Ft. Nate Salman
Tuxedo – Without Your Love

Thundercat – Them Changes
Childish Gambino – Sober
Charles Bordeaux – Blackhole Girl

POLIÇA – You Don’t Own Me
Blood Orange – It Is What It Is
Mayer Hawthorne – Stay (Rihanna Cover)

Joni Payne – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
j.viewz – Don’t pull away (ft. Milosh)
HONNE – No Place Like Home (feat. JONES)
Patrick Baker – I Lost You
Gallant – If It Hurts (prod. Felix Snow)

Abelard – I’m OK For Now
whereisalex – i wish you loved me
Capt. Pizza – still love you
Spire – Since You Left (with JPB)
Two Inch Punch – Brokken (feat. Jagged Edge)

Caius – Things Gonna Be Okay
Laura Welsh – Here For You
Rhye – 3 Days
Tora – Jaigantic (Galimatias Remix)