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Hip Hop + Heartbreak

For your Valentine's Day, or anti-Valentine's Day

This is the first playlist I’ve collaborated on. I gave up about half the songs for her, but she helped give this playlist more direction and make more sense. When I usually create playlists I tend to miss out on the obvious, and get called out for it later, but she kept me in check for this one. Plus she had a few good songs (more than me).

Here’s Lauren’s intro to our Valentine’s Day playlist, or anti-Valentine’s Day, “Hip Hop & Heartbreak.”

Sure, love can lead to a variety of things: 54 missed calls, joint custody of puppies, the in-law from hell, a few orgasms (real ones hopefully), and sometimes, on the rare occasion, true bliss.

You know what heartbreak always leads to? Heartfelt hip hop. Whether you’re experiencing relationship disgust/turmoil/demise/inexistence or you just love hip hop, this playlist is a great way to spend the next hour or so picking through which candy heart message to eat next this Valentine’s day.

Hip Hop + Heartbreak tracklist

Kanye West – Blame Game ft. John Legend
Murs – The Break Up
Andre Nickatina – He Said, She Said

Lauryn Hill – Doo-Wop (That Thing)
Jay Z – Song Cry
OutKast – Roses

Gnarls Barkley- Crazy
Mayday – Evil
Zion I – Venus

Atmosphere – Fuck You Lucy
Grieves – Scar Garden
Aceyalone – Everything Changes (Featuring Mystic)
Fort Minor – Where’d You Go?

Gang Starr – Ex Girl to Next Girl
The Pharcyde – Otha Fish
Restoring Poetry in Music – And Another One