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Grifta · Kremlin

Pret-tay darn relaxing for a D&B track

Grifta - Kremlin (Artwork)

Not all that into drum & bass, but when it’s got a melody like this, I’m in. Grifta’s “Kremlin” starts out like any D&B track, but the ride along melody gets better as it goes. It seems to come to a peek @ 1:50 with a melody that’s straight from the movies… I’m just trying to think of what movie it reminds me of. Anyone?

Location: London, United Kingdom
Grifta on: SoundCloud | Facebook


  1. Terry says:

    I think the movie theme is from American Beauty. Score by Thomas Newman

  2. Christian says:

    American Beauty!

  3. Flow Trash says:

    American Beauty my friend.

  4. Zechmann says:

    thanks all! love that movie btw and i thought i had a good ear :(