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FunkFerret ·· Smash Ya Moustache & Fire

Bringin' that funk to the Kiwi coast

FunkFerret - FireFunkFerret - Smash Ya Moustache

I don’t know what’s going on in New Zealand, but I’ve been finding some of the best DJ’s & bands from the Kiwi coast. Especially in the funk arena, NZ seems to be tearin’ up SoundCloud with a few labels and many artists to follow.

FunkFerret being among my favorite, particularly has a craft for mashing up classic tracks to a funkified beat – the “Red Wine Rebelution” mash is a favorite. Hit up these two tracks below (free download at FunkFerret’s SoundCloud) and get into the funk.

FunkFerret – Smash Ya Moustache
This is one well done Beastie Boys track mixed funktastically, but I wish the vocals came in a little early… or not at all. FunkFerret blends ’em well, but it’s only until half way through do you get to the delight of this rap classic. On the other hand, the track could stand alone without the Beastie Boys, which FunkFerret also provides for free over on his SoundCloud page.

FunkFerret – Fire
With a few more samples mashed into this track than the last, FunkFerret still pulls off one smooth listen in the key of funk. I’m too lazy to figure out all the sampling in this, so I’ll start it off and y’all finish it up. Probably the easiest one, Sean Paul’s “Shake That Thing”.

FunkFerret – If You Want Me to Stay (Funk Ferret Edit)
He just has too that need its due credit!

Funk Ferret
Genre: Mixes & Mashes
Styles: “Soul bustin’, jazz spankin’, funk slangin’, breaks monkey”
Birth Name: Glenn Dawick
Origin: New Zealand
Links: SoundCloud |