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Flamingosis · Old Soul Brought Back

The hardest thing was to cut the good stuff

My first recollection of Flamingosis is not a good one. For me his name is tied to the reshare scheme [trading reshares] I saw a bunch of decent, and better, producers doing on SoundCloud sometime back, even if I’m not 100% he was doing exaxtly that.

Recently I caught his song Next To You and gradually fell in love. I love how he plays with the vocals on it. It always feels like a surprise.

So naturally I went through all of his SoundCloud and found plenty more music to speak about. His music is like that Late Night vibe I love, but with good old soul singers on top.

In the over 100 tracks I listened to, the hardest thing to do was to cut some of the good ones. That’s always the hardest thing to do in making a mix. Cut the fat, as good as it is.

Flamingosis tracklist

Believe In Me
Down For The Fifth Time
Next To You

Flight of The Flamingo
Brunch At The Bodega
Now Or Never (with MACROSS 82-99)

Santa Cruz
Finesse (Hey Baby)

Saturday Night Fever
Serious Drug
An 8 Ball Affair

Extra Lovely
I met a funky lady
Getting Close To You
A Beautiful Soul (Feat. BeRod)