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Late Night Beats

Switch on from dusk till dawn

Late Night Jazz was going for new producers’ takes on jazz, but we got some criticism on if they were really jazz songs. I even questioned a few, but all had some form of jazz style in it.

I stretched the style a lot more this time around, so we decided on a word not as narrowly defined. Some beautiful guitar, sax and piano playing on these 20. This kind of music is not getting appreciated enough. Here’s mine.

Late Night Beats tracklist

Tom Misch – Hark (feat. Alfa Mist)
Josh J – No Good Reasons
GlobulDub – Cold Water

Jean Ramirez – Grover
Guggenz – This Love I’ve Met
RECESS – MicroDilla
RECESS – At Midnight

Basement Freaks – Mission Jazz (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)
GlobulDub – Mr. Owl
Artifacts – See About Tomorrow

Jordan Elgie x SMITHERZ – Easy
Persian Empire – DONC

JBIRD – Breaktime
Le Nonsense – Mairie Des Lilas
tajima hal – Grape Choice (from EN KYOTO)

Thrupence – Thought 12
spire – It’s Okay :)
dasta – dream.sequence
Invention x Ben Bada Boom – Scala Naturae (with Evil Needle)