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Late Night Jazz

Nothing like jazz at night

Do not listen to this if it’s before 9pm! Sorry for shouting if it is. Or if you’re in a retrospective mood, that’s acceptable too.

The jazz here isn’t in its traditional sense. It’s inspired by hip hop, the kickdrum mostly, which is kinda funny because it’s really the other way around (jazz inspired hip hop). It’s got a few other genres mixed in there too.

Nu Jazz tracklist

Djemba Djemba – Money2-2 feat Mr Carmack + Penthouse Penthouse
mus.hiba – slow snow (Drip Drop remix)

Jezz at Home – Standing Word
RAMPELLI – 10 to 4
lucaSiani – Drifting

weird inside – just ask (godsenpai edit)
Pat Van Dyke – Whitewalls
Nostalgia 77 – Measures

Feverkin & Koresma – Golden (feat. Cuff Malloy)
nitsua – lightspace (part 1)
sage nebulous – Vaporwave Channel 5
Robert Glasper – Dillalude 3