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False Hopes by Doomtree

"I'm trying to free up them wings, trying to bare some teeth."

Artwork for False Hopes

In an interview with Ryan Olson on The Local Show, Ryan talks about some of his favorite music from the Midwest, one being from Doomtree’s very own Cecil Otter.

The song he talks about, Traveling Dunk Tank, is off of Doomtree’s first album, False Hopes. I talked about one of False Hopes‘s singles, Flex, a year back, but I had to showoff the rest of the album, thanks to Ryan.

Unlike Doomtree’s latest self-titled album, False Hopes is set up with one hit after another. It’s just one of those albums that keeps gettin’ better over time. I included a couple of my favorites from it, minus Flex, so check ’em out and let me know what’s what.

I’ve heard some rumors of a third album, some footprints in the mist, but we’ll have to wait on that a little longer. Until then let’s rekindle some of their classics.

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Download: Slow Burn | No Homeowners (Renter’s Rebate) | Traveling Dunk Tank

Doomtree Information:
Genre: Hip-Hop
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
P.O.S. (Stefon Alexander): MC, Producer
Sims (Andrew Sims): MC
Dessa (Maggie Wander): MC
Mike Mictlan (Mike Marquez): MC
Cecil Otter (Jake Smith): MC, Producer
Paper Tiger (John Samels): Producer
MK Larada (Kai Benson): Producer, DJ
Lazerbeak (Aaron Mader): Producer
Turbo Nemesis: DJ, Turntablist
Label: Doomtree Records
Albums: False Hopes | Doomtree
Similar Artists: Mayday | Mel Gibson and the Pants | Atmosphere
Links: MySpace | Facebook | YouTube | Wikipedia | Twitter | | AllMusic

False Hopes Information:
Album: False Hopes
Release Date: January 1, 2007
Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon Mp3 | iTunes