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Cosmo Sheldrake · Rich (feat. Anna Roo)

Alotta pontial stewed up in this country-fried gem

When I first heard this, I thought it was some track of Anna Kendrick off the Perfect Pitch soundtrack …not that I’ve listened to it… Anyways, I originally thought I’d be one of the first to post this ‘Rich’ track, but boy was I wrong. As it stands, this porch-friendly jam sesh has hit 50,000 plays on SoundCloud and I’m sure there’s a helluva lot more to come. Hope these two team up for some more, alotta room for growth here.

The kitten purs at the start are a bit unnerving, though.

Cosmo Sheldrake’s “Rich” Music Video:

Cosmo Sheldrake
Location: Brighton & London, United Kingdom
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Who’s got the info on Anna Roo?