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Electro Relaxations 2014

Basically, beats to blaze to

At my job that actually pays, we’ve been trying to figure out what relaxing electronic music should be categorized under on our website. It was originally classified as ‘electronica,’ but the name was often confused with electronic, especially with Spanish speakers. Downtempo & trip-hop were other good options, but we decided on chill as it seems to be the most popular term used now.

I thought about naming our Electro Relaxations playlist something similar, but as popular as chill is now I gotta imagine it’ll fall off as fast as it came in. I’m still not too set on Electro Relaxations, but it seems like the best option for now. And who really cares, the music speaks far better than any name could.

I guess this could count as our third attempt at electronic beats to blaze to. Check out our first.

Electro Relaxations tracklist

shak. – Nothing Is.
Tycho – Dye
Bonobo – Emkay (Live)
starRo – California

Galimatias – Ocean Floor Kisses
Fracture Design – Let The Night Do The Talking
Grifta – The Lost
Creep Crawl Fish – At Bay

Bodhi – Satisfaction
GlobulDub – Hidden Beach
Pogo – The Trouble
Booddha – Lonely Lover

The Featherstones – Hotel Beat
starRo – Seduction
Morphable – Anything

Insightful – Moth Mother
Lost Midas – Sunset Strut
Thomas – Sexed Up (Johnny Blackouts Remix)
Neon Steve – The Realness

Artwork originally created with Fluid simulation and particles [Chrome required] by haxiomic