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Beats by Day

Influenced by Dre & Trent Reznor, but not their music

Beats Music, previously MOG, now Apple Music, played a huge role in getting us switched from posting singles to primarily playlists. Trent Reznor, head of creative at the time, created a video in 2014 introducing Beats Music and its promise to find the best song to come next.

I’m still not sure if Beats ever fulfilled that promise, or if Apple does now, but I’ve been trying to do it for myself ever since. And hopefully sometimes for you too.

If you’re into jazzy, hip hop beats more uplifting than our Late Night Beats & Late Night Jazz, this is for you. All the way through.

Beats by Day tracklist

eBlue – South Beach
Nasio – Beach Love
Birocratic — lullaby of the sea

RECESS – The Brothel Gospel
iwamizu – Zokuse
Khüdósoul & Flamingosis – Low Maintenance

Bonus Points – NY Vibes
Ao Logics – Cat N Johnny
DJ Cam Quartet – Rebirth Of Cool
jmac – Curious

Sam Gouthro – Love Below
Joakim Karud – Love Mode
Not The King – Ice Tea

Handbook – Koi Carp
Falcon Punch – Cream
GlobalDub – Void

Joe Pecoraro – Partly Sunny
belmont – Pools
Chris McClenney – Vanessa’s Tune
Sad Money x Josh J. – As Time Goes By