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SXSW 2019: 1,400 musicians to 50

All of the best musicians to see at SXSW 2019

There are at least 1,466 musicians performing at SXSW for 2019. I went through every one of them and narrowed it down to 58 (just under 4%). I tried to get a wide range of styles but couldn’t seem to find anything trap, even though there was a lot of it.

Out of the 58, there were three performers I’ve already seen that are top of the list to see at SX: Durand Jones & The Indications, DRAMA, and JID, but none are #1. That goes to Dos Santos. I just heard about them, I don’t know their music that well, but based on what I’ve heard, it’s the one performer I want to see. I had a feeling about Tommy Guerrero for Noise Pop fest and that turned out well.

Going through the thousand songs for SX, a few thousand for Majestic Casual, and many more thousands trying to organize Silence Nogood’s back catalog, I think I have an ear for finding musicians, but I still struggle to convince others. It’s hard to convey the context on why you should listen to these artists, but seeing them live is the ultimate goal to understand who a musician is. My job is to nurture that path. Something I’ll work particularly hard on this year and SX is my first big step forward.

See you there!

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Noise Pop 2019: Did it right for the first time

And found a great guitar player in the meantime

I’ve done Noise Pop Festival all wrong for the past four years. Usually, I go through the lineup when it’s announced, find the acts I know, and go see them. For the fifth year, I did it different.

I went through all of the 150 or so musicians playing this year and got it down to a handful or so to see. Noise Pop made it easier to get through all of the artists. It still took waayy too long, but I love to take on massive amounts of music.

I made a playlist of 14 musicians (9% of the lineup) for “Where I’ll be at Noise Pop Festival 2019,” but I only got to go to see five. It was all over The Bay Area, raining half the time, but I found at least one musician I’ll be following (for real) to every gig I see. Guess which musician it was.

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