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R&B of 2014

Until Frank Ocean releases his new album

We were so close to putting Zhu at the top of our 2014 R&B list. And even though he didn’t make the cut, he did help us distinguish the difference between today’s R&B and electro soul.

Before, the most notable difference the two was whether it was vocal or producer based, respectively. Where as R&B is focused on the soulful voices of today, electro soul generally cuts & chops memorable voices from the past and blends in heavy electro influences. Zhu is really the perfect intersection between the two, but we eventually came to the conclusion that his deep house influence was more fit for electro soul than the more traditional R&B (“traditional” in loose terms).

Also, keep in mind that even the musicians featured here are still electronically influenced in some way. Most music is nowadays. However, they play much more of a balancing act than their counterparts in electro soul. Hear for yourself and let us know your thoughts on today’s soul music and how you define it.

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Tracklist of 2014 Electro Funk

Blood Orange – It Is What It Is
SBTRKT – Temporary View (feat. Sampha)
Doja Cat – So High

Corinne Bailey Rae · Put Your Records On (Nehzuil Remix)
Steven A. Clark – Lonely Roller
Sway Clarke II – Secret Garden

Christian Gregory – Won’t Get Nowhere
Spooky Black – Without U (Prod. Greaf)
Penthouse Penthouse – Ecstasy

Changing Faces – Stroke You Up (Tommy Jacob 4 A.M Version)
Gallant – Forfeit (prod. Felix Snow)

Original artwork by David Rogers
We’ve got a hip-hop list on the way. Share and we will :P