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Deltron Event II, Where the Fuck are You?

In search of an official release date...

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It’s been over ten years since the original Deltron 3030 release and we still don’t know much about Event II. I’ve gone through a many a blog posts & forum threads and still can’t come up with shit. But here are the (few) things I got..

On Deltron’s Wikipedia page, reports claimed “the album would be released [in 2008] or the next”. However, this is 2010, which you know.

As I mentioned before, Deltron has been around for just over ten years now. Going through a lot of forum threads, many believe that the album is set to release somewhere around its ten year anniversary (this year). I mean, I hope to Christ they’re right, but these aren’t the most reliable people. We have, however, come across a more reliable source, Del.

Recently, someone posted a link on here (see comment below) with a YouTube video of Del who talks a bit about Event II and features a few clips off it (check it out in the full article).

If I get any other updates, or you do, post it in the comments.

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[audio:Mastermind.mp3,Turbulence.mp3|titles=Mastermind,Turbulence (Remix)]

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Deltron 3030

Back to the future, literally.

Banner for Deltron 3030

Going back to 2000, we find a futuristic narrative set in the year 3030. Del tha Funkee Homosapien, or “Deltron Zero” in the story, is a superhero sworn to fight against the evils of the universe (viruses, an oppressive government, the Corporate Bank of Time… just to name a few) with his trusty side-kicks, The Automator or “The Cantankerous Captain Aptos” and scratch mastermind Kid Koala or “Skiznod the Boy Wonder”. Yea, this may sound a little corny for a hip-hop album, but with Del on the mic, Automator and Kid Koalo with backup, it’s a hell of a hip-hop classic.

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[audio:3030.mp3,Virus.mp3,Mastermind.mp3,Turbulence(Remix).mp3,Upgrade.mp3,Madness.mp3,MemoryLoss.mp3|titles=3030,Virus,Mastermind,Turbulence (Remix),Upgrade (A Brymar College Course),Madness,Memory Loss]