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Music that Got Me Blogging About Music (Part 2)

All along the West Coast (minus The Bay)

In the second installment in our “Music that Got Me Blogging About Music” series (first), we’re going to be covering most of the West Coast. The only part we’re not is The Bay Area, which’ll be covered in Part 4 (out of 5). In Part 2, however, we’ll be going from the Pacific Northwest all the way down to SoCal.

The SoCal picks you may know, if you know your West Coast hip-hop, but my Pacific Northwest choices are some of my most prized. Take a look at ’em and tell me what you know, I bet you’ll find something you’ve never heard before – and if you don’t, hit me up, I may have a blogging gig for ya.


Abyssinian Creole

With the passion of their deep African roots, AbCreole puts a fresh perspective to the Pacific Northwest hip-hop movement. Love their more recent solo projects, but AbCreole’s Sexy Beast is their sexiest beast yet.

Gabriel’s Lovework is also worth checking out.

[audio:The-Elixer.mp3|titles=The Elixer]
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Blue Scholars

When I think of Seattle hip-hop, Blue Scholars is what comes to mind. Seattle may not be known for their hip-hop like The Bay or SoCal, but they’re well on their way. Keep an eye out, I’m about to move out there just for this scene.

[audio:Solstice-Reintroduction.mp3|titles=Solstice Reintroduction]
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Swollen Members

Who would of thought Canada could come out with shit this hard? Their beats and rhymes may remind me of The Bay, but these Battle Axe Warriors have something all their own. It’s not just their music that sets them apart, it’s the whole experience. It’s like the Insane Clown Posse, only good.

Watch out for their new album, which drops April 12 – hope it’s like their new shit.

[audio:Go-To-Sleep.mp3|titles=Go to Sleep]
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The Pharcyde

Some of you may know The Pharcyde by their most popular album, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde. It’s what got me into them initially, but they really have so much more overlooked music. If you’re into that jazzy rap, you’ll love the rest of their work. They really were ahead of their time.

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People Under the Stairs

I use to put PUTS on replay for hours on end. My roommate wanted to kill me, but I loved listening to certain tracks of theirs on repeat – specifically Acid Raindrops, The Breakdown & San Francisco Knights.

An interesting point a friend brought up to me was that they didn’t end their tracks very well. This may not apply to every track, but of their most notable ones we listened to, it just didn’t sound right. Check it out on “San Francisco Knights”.

[audio:San-Francisco-Knights.mp3|titles=San Francisco Knights]
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