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Blue Oceanwave by Panacea

"Come 'n' crash into my days, ya gotta understand my ways."

Banner of Panacea's 12 Step Program

I finally made up my (indecisive) mind and picked a song from Panacea’s 12 Step Program. I first narrowed it down to three that I liked, all for different reasons, and finally came up with “Blue Oceanwave” because of Raw Poetic’s catchy flows and memorable lyrics. Although, lyrics tend to alter each time I play ’em back in my head, so eventually the lyrics started to repeat as something completely different (I tend to do this a lot with music).

The reason I was so hesitant on featuring this one was because of the rave-sounding fire alarms played throughout the chorus. It’s not that they are that bothersome to the beat, I just think the song would do better without ’em. Actually, play it back and tell me what you think I wanna know if this is just me or if others feel the same way.

By the way, the two other songs that came close were “Collard-Fried Grey Sky”, which has a hypnotically beautiful beat, typical of K-Murdock; and “Black Coffee”, the first 30 seconds are pure funkadelic fresh(nass). You can check ’em both out at BandCamp.

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[audio:BlueOceanwave.mp3|titles=Blue Oceanwave]

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My Life by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

"Hard times, got my mind in a vine."

Banner of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony from Uni5: The World's Enemy

I wanted to feature a song from Panacea‘s new album, 12 Step Program, which also released this week, but unfortunately none of the songs hit the spot (yet). Panacea usually takes sometime to really feel the sound, so hopefully I’ll feature something soon off the album.

But we’re here for a little Bone Thugs, featuring a song off their new album, Uni5: The World’s Enemy. I was a little skeptical of Bone’s new album, I usually am after a group has been around so long. I rarely see a group that can last this long and still produce a quality album. I find most either try something new that just doesn’t work right or just keep on producing the same old shit. Well, to be honest, the album is worthwhile for a listen through, but it’s in no wear near their best work, which I think most would agree on. However, the album has a good classic Bone Thugs sound, and some of the singles just hit it right, specifically “My Life”.

“My Life” is a good example of why Bone has been so successful. The group mixes up rap with some backup vocals to create a full range sound. I find with a lot of hip hop that most discount what a good ol’ R&B singer, for example, can bring. I know a good amount of people who don’t enjoy, appreciate and/or understand rap, so mixing in some vocals can go along way for these people, and to be honest, myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love rap – as you should know by now – but the more variables a song brings (obviously done in the right way) the better a song can be. But obviously this is just my humble opinion. What do y’all think How do you prefer your hip hop

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[audio:MyLife.mp3|titles=My Life]

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Drumsticks by Doomtree

"DTR here we are, holla atcha rap group."

Banner - Doomtree (album)

Way back in ’08 I was obsessed with a little known group from Minneapolis called Doomtree. I was just getting over my fixation with Flex, a song from their False Hopes album, when I heard news of an upcoming release. “Drumsticks” premiered on the group’s site a couple weeks later, and the beat blew me away. Its natural sounds with a heavy kick bass made the hairs on my neck stand up. I couldn’t wait for the release, and when it rolled around I was in for a surpise… unfortunately, not a good one. The album didn’t come close to that of False Hopes, and although, it packed in a few noticeable tracks, the album as a whole was nothing praiseworthy. I still love this track, though, and I know you will too.

I actually wanted to show y’all the video of “Drumsticks” that made “the hairs on my neck stand up”, but all I could come up with was something they did after the release (found here). I gotta say the video isn’t all that impressive; partly because of the “bicycle gang” (not my thing), but mostly due to the shotty camera work and poor video editing. So instead I put up a video from another song off the album, “Game Over”, which is not only a good listen but highly entertaining, and also has some nice shots of the city.

Enjoy it all, and make sure you share your thoughts. I can’t tell y’all enough how much I love to hear your opinions, it helps me determine what and what not to post up on here!

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