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The Naked & Famous · Young Blood (Remix)

Post punk meets techno, a remix by Tiesto & Hardwell

The Naked and Famous Photoshoot

If I had to pick one kind of music to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be, without a doubt, post-punk/post-rock. The Naked and Famous are almost the embodiment of this type of music. It has all the wonderful teen angst of the punk world, without the studs on black cloth pants and skinny kids vomiting on the sidewalk, fused with almost shoegaze-esque haze and shimmer.

In keeping with his new trend of putting out a track every couple weeks, Tiesto teamed up with his young friend, Hardwell, for a techno/trance version of The Naked and Famous hit, ‘Young Blood.’ They decided to play down the angst and bring the shimmer through in the mix. While this remix may not be a dance floor banger, it’s certainly nice to bob one’s head to.

The Naked and Famous – Young Blood (Tiesto & Hardwell Remix)

Tiesto & Hardwell
Genre: Trance
Styles: Techno, House
Location: Holland
Names: Tijs Michiel Verwest, Robbert van de Corput
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Hardwell on: | Beatport | Soundcloud | Wikipedia | Twitter | Facebook