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Stars & Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined

Hip-Hop and Rock, together again.

Stars & Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined by Adrian Champion

Bare with me while I get this mashup obsession out of me (if I can).

My latest find is from an LA based mixer, Adrian Champion. Adrian’s idea of mashing up a few White Stripes beats with the top hip-hop MC’s of the last couple decades is a legendary move, but Adrian seems to make it a much bigger point than it actually is.

At the start of each track, he decides to plaster his name and a pretentious oxymoron over each track (sample shown here). We know it’s a legendary idea, but slapping it all over the place over emphasizes the point – I took them out of the featured tracks (it got that bad).

Other than that, this mix of hip-hop artists with The White Stripes’ sound is a nice change for both genres. Not only do I seem to follow the MC’s word’s a lot better, but this definitely highlights the adaptability and various capabilities of each MC. Some couldn’t top their originals, in fact most, but they are a fresh look at an emerging trend in music – the mix and mashups <3 Make sure to check out the rest of the album. Hopefully we can find a version without the watermarks - send it here! “girls, rub on your titties. yeeeaah.”

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Adrian Champion Info coming when my arm doesn’t feel so fucked up.