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Starfucker by Starfucker

I just love sayin' their name, Starfucker!

Starfucker (album) by Starfucker (Album Artwork)

The only reason I listened to these guys, initially, was their name – Starfucker. I thought it was the coolest band name I’d heard in a while, but I also thought it was meant as a metaphor for “fucking” a star (like the ones in the sky), not the more obvious fucking a star (like the ones in the movies). I’ll admit, I wasn’t as impressed, but the name still rolls off the tongue nicely – or maybe that’s just my fascination with the word, fuck.

Aside from Starfucker’s name, their first album, also called Starfucker, was a pleasant surprise – I’m not that into indie rock, yet, but I really enjoyed a few songs off this. The album had a nice blend of electronic instrumentals with an indie rock vibe. It resembled Broken Bells, which whom I’ve really gotten into lately.

The top songs I picked, if you’re not playing them already, are “Florida”, “Gregory Erickson the Second” & “German Love”. I read on a forum that “German Love” is a true story about a guy from Germany who made sex tapes with his girlfriend but didn’t exactly tell her about making the tapes. Well, he put up a site with the videos (also called a porn site) and it blew up in popularity. She found out and dumped his ass, and so the rest of the story goes. Who knows if it’s true, but it’s a good story to tie along with the song.

Let me know what your favorite song is out of these three.. or any other Starfucker song, if you’re into ’em…

[audio:German-Love.mp3,Rawnald-Gregory.mp3,Florida.mp3|titles=German Love,Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second,Florida]
Download: Florida | Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second | German Love

Starfucker/STRFKR Info.:
Styles: Indie/Alt Rock, Indie Electronic
Origin: Portland, Oregon
Joshua Hodges: vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums
Ryan Biornstad: guitar, keyboards, vocals, turntables
Shawn Glassford: bass, keyboards, drums
Keil Corcoran: drums, keyboards, vocals
Formerly: PYRAMID, Pyramiddd
Label: Old Wave Records
Albums: Starfucker | Jupiter
Similar Artists: Broken Bells | SOLID GOLD | Passion Pit
Links: Wikipedia | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Last.fm | AllMusic

Starfucker (album) Info.:
Release Date: September 23, 2008
Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon MP3 | iTunes