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Soda Island

An oasis for lazy naps and magical discovery

Soda Island is a collective of 8 or so producers, all of which are my favorite names in an emerging style of electronic. Kawaii is what I hear it called most, or more generally future bass, but I like vapor. Bubblegum funk works too.

Along with the rest of this future bass movement (let’s rename), the folks at Soda Island are doing to electronic what jazz did to classical music. Rewriting the rules.

The collective just announced their first album together, A Trip to Soda Island, which is suppose to be out this month! Should be a sweet treat.

Soda Island on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Soda Island tracklist

Grynpyret – Airplane Food
Spire – Petal Falls
Avionics – Skinny Dip

Xander Lewis – Honeydew
Arian Cook – Quantum Racer
Grynpyret – I Forgive (Ramzoid Remix)

RefraQ – Witching Hour
Izzard. – Late Night Ramen