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Four on the Floor

House be sexxxy

Original artwork by tatasz

One of the first times I heard the term “four on the floor” was in a favorite documentary of mine on house music, but I didn’t get the meaning right at first. Initially I thought it meant the type of laid back house for relaxing – or really for fuckin. Think of it in sexual terms. However, it actually means a consistent drum bass on the fourth beat, which is one of disco and more so house’s key ingredients.

To honor my creative thinking in what four on the floor meant, I give you a playlist of sexy house music. Plus it’s got a lot of what the original definition meant, that consistent drum beat.

Sexy House tracklist

Caius – Love You Right
SG Lewis – Shivers Ft. JP Cooper
Robots Can’t Dance – Never

Fabian Luttenberger – Vague
Hermitude – Ukiyo (Selva Remix)
Egoh – Rave Girl

Super Duper – Don’t Worry
Koka Mass Jazz – Smile (Poldoore Remix)
Yves Klein – Look (Nam’pa Remix)

Egoh – Club 94
DEVI – Pound Cake
Kryptogram – Idea of You
Wayward – I Can’t Dance

jackLNDN – All I See
With You. – Felt This (feat. Brittany Foster)
Promnite – Through The Night
Caius – Things Gonna Be Okay