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Sex Trapt

Bass 4play

I love high hats especially with something sexy wrapped around em. I first found this off beat, soulful shit in our vapor lists, but unlike that this is much more hip hop based and much sexier.

We get into some future glam towards the middle and end it a little lighter with my favorite hip hop out right now. So stick til the end.

Sex Trapt tracklist

Seiho – Double Bed
beatmachinearon – lucy liu
weird inside – just ask

Telescope Thieves –
Maluca – The One
Soundpalette – Desires
Klrx – Midnight Stroll

janet jackson – alright ( tails redo )
Cavalier – Flirt (feat. DrewsThatDude)
thestand4rd – Tryna Fuk / No Reply
Anderson Paak – ALREADY Ft. SIR (prod. MIKOS Da GAWD)