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Big Gigantic · Rise and Shine

Throw a little saxy into this electro-fuck

I may be diggin the electronic scene a bit too much lately, but I still got so much love for the classics. In fact, if you aren’t throwin in a little brass or any of the other families into your electro-set, you’re seriously lacking.

Big Gigantic’s “Rise and Shine” is a perfect example of this blend of electronic, brass and percussions. With one sultry leading sax by Dominic Lalli and a rockout drum performance by Jeremy Salke, this shit barely needs the electronic touch – but for the sake of today’s youth infatuated electro-goers, the mix of it all sets any raver off right.

The “Rise and Shine” single is off their upcoming album, Nocturnal, which is set to release early, early 2012. Cannot wait for that saxy beast.

Big Gigantic – Rise and Shine

Big Gigantic
Genre: Electronic
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Members: Dominic Lalli (Production/Sax), Jeremy Salken (Drums)
Big Gigantic on: | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Big Gigantic