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~ q u i r k y ~

Dance to a different beat

Original artwork by Deidre Wicks

“I’m shy at first, but once you get to know me I do the stupidest, most random shit.”

I saw this quote and thought it was the best description of me in one line. I even got the t-shirt (seriously). My grandfather gave me the nickname Corky when I was little and the sentiment has stuck. I’m a bit odd, as we all should be, and a lot of my favorite music is too.

Originally these series of lists were all about kawaii music, which I dubbed VAPOR + VAPOR 2.0. Eventually the playlists expanded into all sorts of music along the future/trap spectrum, split into three categories – o f f b e a t, Sex trapt, and Future glam fucks. Quirky takes a little from each.

~ q u i r k y ~ tracklist

JonEcks – Freak With You
Pold – twisted
PARKGOLF – Glass City Billiards

whysp. – disappear
whereisalex – i wish you loved me.
Jameszoo – Flake

Lobo – Day Off
Mitch Geist – Hopeful
Milo Mills – Sweeter Than Rice Cake

Veens – Girl
verzache – winter rush
s7eelix – elevator (feat. falcxne)
Palette – Cranberry

mo vibez x herzeloyde – loco
Ramzoid – Coconut
mvpvche – Nang tank
HAWT – Glitched Away
Ftureable – Save Princess

FEELS – The Anthem
dontloveme – dunes
SODF – I Do Love You (It’s Alright)

TENNYSON – Like What?
castmusic – white
shleepytime – Grenadine Grove

Biocratic – Lullaby of the Sea
No Tv No Radio – Tokyo
DYLAN.JK.VOGT – filtered
thunder6 – she

Xander Lewis – Meandering
lunarcycle – i miss you
Seiho – Bird Scat
lafayette ellis – Ayers’ Swag/Sexopolis