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Paper Diamond & Christian Rich · XIX

feat. Angela McCluskey -- let's just say I didn't post this just because of Paper D

First few listens of ‘XIX’ and those Angela McCluskey vocals are the only thing I wanna talk about. Yet like so many other distinct vocalists, they’re so hard to put into words. What I will say is that Paper Diamond & Christian Rich matched her sound right with one cosmically-rich beat. Plus that future soul theme doesn’t hurt, love me some skewed up vocals.

One thing I am questioning is how much Angela’s voice feels drowned out at times. But to its credit, it can be done well, and actually has been specifically with Paper Diamond. But who knows for now, it’s hard if not impossible to fully digest a song in less than 24 hours.

And props to whoever made the cover art for this, just as beautiful as the song and sets it up well.

Paper Diamond
Styles: Electronica, Hip-Hop, Breakbeat
Formerly: Alex B
Location: Denver, Colorado
Labels: Pretty Lights Music | ELM&OAK Records
Paper Diamond on: SoundCloud | | Facebook | Twitter

Christian Rich
Styles: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop & Electronic
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Location: Los Angeles, California
Label: Good Luck Chuck
Members: Taiwo “Christian” Hassan & Kehinde “Rich” Hassan.
Christian Rich on: SoundCloud | Wikipedia | | Twitter | Facebook

Angela McCluskey
Styles: Alternative, Pop Rock
Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland
Angela McCluskey on: | Wikipedia | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter