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An OTHERtone Tribute to Prince

Minneapolis is in mourning all over the world

Pharrell & Scott Vener on OTHERtone's Prince Tribute

Prince won’t be known for how good of a sound he created, but how many different styles he did it in. I see so many of his predecessors show a glimpse of his depth, only to keep sticking on the same track. It’s hard to get one sound down in this life, let alone two (don’t even get me started on three), but fuck the fans and go off on your own. It’s all yours until you make it theirs.

Here’s a good glimpse at Prince’s legacy from one of my favorite shows in music, Pharrell & Scott Vener’s OTHERtone on Beats1.
— We’ll have a list up tomorrow of today’s Minneapolis sound —

Here’s a 2013 rendition of ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Prince did with Third Eye Girl. We put it up on SoundCloud back then and the girls liked it (on Twitter), but Prince’s team did not. It was taken down about a year ago.

OTHERtone Prince Mixtape