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Oren Lyons · Forever Found

with powerful vocals to back up this beast of a piece

Oren Lyons’ first single, ‘Forever Found,’ starts off as a pleasant orchestral piece, but doesn’t get to its glory quite yet. Kristianne Bautista’s vocals may not come off that heavy at first, but once she builds on it, her power soars along the way.

One thing I did notice needing some fine tuning was its production. I felt at times like the quality was degraded, and even though this could just be my attempt at trying to find something to criticize (or maybe just my speakers), it’s been stuck in the back of my head since the very first listen.

Oren Lyons
Style: Alternative Soul
Location: Los Angeles, California
Members: Peter Potyondy, Randall Papavero, Kristianne Bautista, Gueorgui I. Linev, Ian Anderson, Dannon Rampton
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