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A Taste of Minneapolis

What's next for the Twin Cities music scene

I grew up listening to Prince mostly because of my pops, living in a suburb South of St. Paul, but didn’t appreciate the Minneapolis music scene until I got out of it and left for college out West.

There I started to appreciate hip-hop and R&B on a much more personal level, getting in much deeper with Prince & Atmosphere. When I studied abroad I got into other Minnesota acts: Solid Gold, GAYNGS and Mel Gibson & the Pants. Finally, in the Bay Area it was Polica, Tickle Torture, thestand4rd, and most recently, Morly. Well, kinda.

I stayed in Minneapolis for a few years after college and covered Theophilus London at The Loft in early 2012. There I heard one of the openers and I fell in love (with her voice). It belonged to Katy Morley, now Morly. I remember tracking Astronautalis and her down to see if they had any music released. She didn’t, but I remember her telling me something was in the works.

Four years later and I run into her music while researching a post on Minneapolis (this one). Her voice is even more touching and her piano playing stands out more.

It’s good to have such talent sprouting from the Twin Cities. Here’s a dozen or so and their songs.

A Taste of Minneapolis tracklist

Tickle Torture – Forgotten
POLIÇA – Lime Habit
Solid Gold – Synchronize

GAYNGS – Faded High
Mel Gibson and the Pants – Paper Shaper Shifter
Doomtree – Flex

thestand4rd – Tryna Fuk
Morly – If Only Chords
spooky black – Without U (Prod. Greaf)
Morly – Seraphese

Gigamesh – Control (feat. Caroline Smith)
Flora Cash – For Someone

Brother Ali – Uncle Sam Goddamn
Atmosphere – The Outernet
OTHERtone Prince Special