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Mean Lady · Bop Bop

A steadily rising sound to become one gorgeous track

2012 is wrappin up quick and there’s still so much music I need to get out before the end, most notably right now Mean Lady’s ‘Bop Bop.’ The tracks a blend of pop, soul & psychedelic sounds that I can’t quite clearly define. Its steadily uplifting pace helps these somber vocals shine at the right times. I’m obsessing over Katie Dill’s voice right now and I hope to hear a whole lot more of it in 2013.

Mean Lady
Styles: Pop, Hip-Hop, Psychedelic, Rock & Roll
Location: Delaware, Maryland
Members: Sam Nobles: bass, keys, guitar, sampler, production; Katie Dill: vocals, omnichord, ukulele, guitar; Brian Bruce (Octie): drums, swag
Mean Lady on: Facebook | YouTube | Twitter