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My introduction to house music

We didn’t really post any house music until a few years into the blog. For all I can tell Luminaire was our first and he’s still one of our favorite. Right now I’m thinkin the favorite.

The man finds the best vocals in disco and puts such heavy house in, that four on the floor kinda fashion. But it’s the small adjustments he makes to his music that makes it not sound so fuckin generic. Something many famous house producers need to recognize.

Luminaire has one of the healthiest collections of hits out there. And when he took down his SoundCloud, we got the honor of putting some of his best back up.

Luminaire tracklist

Allready Over
Missing You

Dream Lowe
Never Say Never – The Half
Deepjack – Shattered Dreams (Luminaire Remix)

GOLDSTAR – Ain’t Ready To Go Home (Luminaire Remix)
It Will Be Allright
No More (REDUX)
Like We Used To