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Funk LeBlanc

Flipping french on its funk ear

Crossing language barriers in music has always been difficult, but when the beat is right then we don’t need no stinking words that mean anything. Funk LeBlance, a producer from the Bay, not only takes french and turns it on its disco//funk ear, but classics from Michael Jackson & Jade as well. Especially love Jade’s ‘Every Day of the Week’ flipped and flopped around for this generation’s ears.

Jade – Every Day of the Week (Funk LeBlanc Remix)
Michael Jackson – Remember the Time (Funk Leblanc Remix)
DARE – A Fleur De Vous (Funk LeBlanc Remix)
Victoria’s – Concorde (Funk LeBlanc Remix)

Funk LeBlanc
Style: Funk
Location: San Francisco, California
Funk LeBlanc on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter