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Natural Selection · · Dream of Falling

House that hits the depths of our nature

Odesza’s Above the Middle was my first love of theirs and even though it starts off rocky, as I originally pointed out, once the vocals kick in it’s the sound that inspired this list. Especially hearing it live at Outside Lands in 2015. Ever since hearing it first back in 2013, I’ve found a set of songs just as inspiring.

The whole thing reminds me of a dream I had at least 10 years ago. It’s probably the most vivid dream I’ve ever had. It started off with me falling from the sky, but I wasn’t frightened of falling. More fascinated by how enormous the sky and ocean were around me. I remember there was a castle in the distance. It was like I was falling to get there. It’s the most beautiful dream I can remember.

Dream of Falling tracklist

Jumbii – Barbados Feat Allison Stanford
Super Duper – Don’t Worry
ODESZA – Above The Middle

Big Wild – Aftergold
Jai Wolf – Indian Summer
Mordecai – Native

Cloudsz – Lucid
Nifty Earth – Steep
Attom – Her

toy box – Without You
Saavan – Escape
Mr FijiWiji – Aphasia

Jamie Prado – African Sun
Alex The Flipper – Sands
Fakear – Animal

Petit Biscuit – Oceans
Yppah – Occasional Magic
Joe La Pop – Prints
XELARAIN – Travel Bug