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Disclosure, Fresh Faces on the UK Garage Scene

Two sexy new tracks by some smooth youngesters

It’s 2013 and I know you’re all just dying to move on to the next big electro-genre.  UK Garage is nothing new on the scene, but the last months of 2012 were pretty explosive for the genre—classified by that funky 4/4 kick-drum rhythm and shuffling hi-hats—as. Disclosure, two teenage producers from Surrey (UK), have made their way onto major radio playlists, namely BBC Radio 1.

The two have been producing for quite a few years, but their big break out on the scene was late in 2012 with their smooth Garage hit ‘Latch.’  Disclosure wastes no time building a percussive intro, and dives right into a song driven strongly by the rhythm as well as its explosive and gorgeous vocals.  I’m a sucker for some strong male vocals, and what I particularly love about the UK Garage genre is how heavily its vocals always pull from R&B influences. UK Garage has a tendency to be driven more by the percussive beat than the melody, but Disclosure’s ability to create a track that pushes those boundaries through more complex melodies really shows their potential to make their own distinctive mark on the genre.

Since their success with ‘Latch,’ the boys have wasted no time letting loose on another UK Garage legend The Artful Dodger’s track ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On,’ creating a hit that’s almost too fresh to handle.  I don’t know if you remember any of Artful Dodger’s hits while producing for Craig David ‘(namely Woman Trouble‘), but the man knows his way around a good shuffle beat.  The build in ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On’ is a solid minute of shuffling beats, chopped vocals and progressive synth, but it’s so well mixed that it never seems boring or repetitive.  The song hits its stride as soon as the vocals hit — it’s smooth, but with its strong kick-drum beat the song has undeniable danceability and drive.

What I love most about this track is how minimalistic the instrumental melody is — a simple chord progression under bouncy and complex rhythms and (of course) those beautiful R&Besque vocals.  The sheer talent of both Artful and Disclosure is so apparent in the seamless blend of their percussive beats as and their vocal mixing abilities — it’ll be a damn shame if this genre isn’t recognized and expanded stateside.

Genre: UK Garage-house
Location: Surrey, England
Names: Guy & Howard Lawrence
Disclosure on: disclosureofficial.com | Soundcloud | Wikipedia Facebook |Twitter | Songkick