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Warrior Music (feat. Ekko) · Chasing Sky

Kinda like that Ellie Goulding dubstep-esque sound

Always impressed by a talented beatboxer . . . but over a drum & bass beat? Wow, what a combo. Stumbled across Warrior Music’s Soundcloud a few months back and was blown away by every track, “Chasing Sky” in particular (along with “Middle of the Night”, so be sure to check that one out too!)

I love dubstep, but (personally) always to a certain point – here, Warrior Music has a really nice balance of integrating dubstep/drum & bass/vocals within one another, which kind of lightens the heavy load. However, I do wish he used Ekko’s beatboxing a bit more here, but hey, at least he got the ball rolling on a new trend.

Like one of my personal new favorites, The Weeknd, Warrior Music is out of Toronto, Canada which seems to be the new hot spot for a lot of this new talent we have recently been hit with. Ekko is out of Nottingham, UK and clearly having an equally positive reception over seas.

Warrior Music
Genre: Electronica
Styles: Death Metal, Electro, Hawaiian, Dubstep
Location: Toronto, Canada
Warrior Music on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace