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KeithCharles Spacebar – BeforeCommonEra

Sounds like... help me out with this one.

When I first heard KeithCharles Spacebar’s “PrettyBrownEyedGirl”, I thought it was a prank. His flow just reminded me too much of a fairly well-known East Coast/Midwest rapper, one I couldn’t put my head to. The whole vibe reminded me of AbCreole, who are actually from Seattle, but knew I was thinking someone more nationally known. It’s frustrating as hell, but I still can’t figure it.

But besides that, KeithCharles vibe is smooth as hell, especially with those neo-soul beats behind ’em. The beats actually remind me of a couple of my favorite producers, though these I can name.

Besides his minor references to video games classics, KeithCharles’ BeforeCommonEra is also similar in sound to D.C. producer K-Murdock. Both posses beats with a forward-thinking, experimental style that incorporates nu jazz/electronic elements. This progressive style of hip-hop is seen in such legendary producers as Nujabes & DJ Deckstream – well, at least legendary in the underground scene and Japan, where the two are from. The final resemblance is actually a sample both artists cut into their tracks, but I’ll talk more about that below.

So here are a few that caught my attention deficit mind in some way or another, mind you that the whole LP is definitely worth a run through – hit it up for free on Bandcamp. Oh, and make sure to hit me up with any ideas you have of what muscian I might be thinking KeithCharles Spacebar sounds like.

Random thoughts on a few tracks:

Dpad UP: Like K-Murdock’s Forever Famicom, KeithCharles takes inspiration from old-school Nintendo classics. Love the Mario metaphors.

PrettyBrownEyedGirl: This is why I had Q-tip’s “Vivrant Thing” stuck in my head. Good love.

Minoring in Arson: This track was also sampled in a song by one of my favorite DJ/producers, DJ Frane. Checkout Frane’s “I am Dreaming” and see the resemblance in these tripped out beats.

Frane is actually the main reason I started this music blog and for good reason – take a look at his beats to blaze to albums, and I guarantee you’ll agree.

Keith Charles (Spacebar):
Genre: Hip-Hop
Styles: Neo Soul, Electronica
Origin: Tampa, Florida
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Links: Bandcamp | Twitter