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Apashe · Swing Your Motha

Bet you never thought you'd be skanking to swing

Ok, so I love me some hard electro, and Apashe certainly delivers (along with pretty much everyone else from Montreal based Kannibalen Records). Apashe, a Belgian artist, began his production career making ‘breakcore’ tracks. I’m not sure what exactly breakcore is, but that’s what he calls it. Anyway, he recently moved to Montreal and switched things up, producing his own breed of electro-dusbtep.

While his synths may remind you of pretty much every other electro track you’ve heard since the talking bass become popular, the songs themselves are completely unique and original. Following suit with Kannibalen’s rager-style theme, Apashe has crafted an underground banger that’ll get even the highest of party-goers to shake their asses. Take a listen to ‘Swing Your Motha,’ and you’ll know what I mean.
Swing Your Motha
or take a listen to the whole Contamination EP:

Styles: Dubstep, Breakbeat
Location: Montreal, Canada
Name: Lindien
Apashe on: | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter