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5 Reasons · Night Drive In Moscow

featuring Patrick Baker on vocals

Alright, this shit is just getting too damn sexy. If you knew me in “real” life, you’d know this is just way too sexy for me. I’m in fact the polar opposite of how sexy this is (I’m workin on it). Anyways. These Russian fucks going by 5 Reasons make some soulful shit that, again, is just too sexy for me (I can’t highlight this enough). However, most of the soul in this actually hails from good ol’ Nashville, Tennessee. Patrick Baker has some fuckin charm in his vocals and 5 Reasons adds just the right touch to it. So Sexy.

5 Reasons
Styles: Nu Disco, Funk, Chill Out
Name: Stanislav Loukoianov
Location: Moscow, Russia
Label: Shiny Disco Club
5 Reasons on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Patrick Baker
Location: Nashville, Tennesse
Patrick Baker on: | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr