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The 13th Grade

Talent has found eachother

I was introduced to The 13th Grade by way of One T. I don’t know how I picked up on his Audible, but I never would’ve guessed the treasures I’d dig up because of it. Shortly after looking into him I looked into his collaborators. Most notably Josh J the freakin guitar wonderist and the rest of the honeypot collectively known as The 13th Grade.

The supergroup is based out of LA and houses 14 musicians, though a few are based in San Diego, Vegas or London. Not only do they have incomparably talented producers, DJs, instrumentals and vocalists, but their music ranges greatly. And they’re well on their way to making a label as sexy as any of their musicians.

So in good fashion we did what we try to do best, made a playlist out of ’em. Unfortunately we couldn’t get all 14 on here for one reason or another, but managed to get most. The list starts off with some funk n soul into jazz and half way through gets into the harder stuff. We end it where we started off, ’cause there was way too much soulful shit to only feature one from each artist. Like I’ve said already enough, there’s a lot of talent in The 13th Grade.

The 13th Grade
Location: Los Angeles, California
Babble, Castor Troy, Dack Janiels, J Louis, Josh J, Kentaro, Koozblah, Mekaniks, NGHTMRE, One T, Pharreal Phuong, Que, Reekz & WAVZ
The 13th Grade on: The13thGrade.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

The 13th Grade tracklist

One T – Don’t Rush
Kentaro & J-Rican – Bellus
J-Louis – Stay

Babble – Sundazin
Josh J – City Love
pharreal Phuong – In the Read

Dack Janiels – Ratchet
Koozblah – Bump It Up
Slander – Love Again (Ft. WAVZ)

One T – Do What You Want
Babble – Solitude
Babble – Triumph

Zacari – Foggy Windows (Prod. By J-Louis & NGHTMRE)
Zacari – 2 O’ Clock in the Moanin (Prod. by Josh J. X DrewsThatDude)
SPZRKT – Blind Man (Prod. by J-Louis)
One T – Audible