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Big Sean & Kanye West · Marvin & Chardonnay

A Xaphoon Jones Remix, off DJ Mo Beatz's mixtape

Xaphoon Jones

I’m not gonna spout off why I like this so much, it’s way too early in the morning. But I will say this, it’s nice to hear a Xaphoon joint over something other than Chiddy. And no I’m not bashing Chiddy! people…

Big Sean & Kanye West – Marvin & Chardonnay (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

Xaphoon Jones
Genre: Hip Hop, Grime, Space Goon, Electronic, Breakfast, Slam Dunk
Name: Noah Beresin
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Label: Parlophone
Xaphoon Jones on: | Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter