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Quinten 909 · Get To This

Disco vocals with a fresh update, but they still need their paid dues

Someone needs to create a standardized database where samples are credited. Or maybe something like Shazam that can automatically figure out where the samples come from. Because so far on too many tracks today, noone credits nothin’ (you get what I mean).

The key to these disco-house beats are their vocals. Update vocals to something fresh like on ‘Get To This’ and trust me you’ve got me suckered in good. Solid bass line, Quinten 909.

Random: skip to 1:45, does this not sound like the melody in Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth?’

Quinten 909
Styles: House, Disco
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Label: Can You Feel It Records
Quinten 909 on: Facebook | | SoundCloud | Twitter