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Lana Del Rey · Off to the Races

I guess we find out where Lana got those Big Red Lips (her father)

Lana Del Sexay

Oh Lana, what the hell to make of ya. She’s got the sexiest voice of the year, but there seems to be something a bit more sinister behind those big red lips. One thing I can say for her is she’s got spunk. Like the only redeeming quality of Nicki Minaj, Lana’s got some character behind that voice, which a lot of vocalists should take note of.

In her latest single to release off of Born to Die, “Off to the Races” seems to be an ode to her neglectful father. A love/hate relationship, she seems to have an Oedipus complex, only the other way around, for her dear old father. With her ‘sad core’ sounds it makes for a heartfelt tale, but one wonders what the real story behind this stereotypical delinquent father/needy daughter sales pitch is (not to be too blunt about it).

Lana Del Rey – Off to the Races

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Lana Del Rey
Genre: Hollywood Pop, Sad Core
Name: Elizabeth Grant
Born: June 21, 1986
Origin: Brooklyn, New York
Location: New York
Label: Stranger Records, Interscope
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