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Practice makes perfect

I see a lot of producers go through three stages of music production: beat making, remixing, and collaborating. It takes time gaining expertise and forming relationships to work with talented vocalists, but there is no beat that can top a great song.

I was first introduced to Moods from his beat, “Love is Real,” but it took a few years later to find my obsession of his. His remix of “Homie. Lover. Friend.” takes some of the sexiest vocals & lyrics and puts it together better to sing and dance to. It was one of my favorite dance tracks of 2016, but his latest collaboration is topping that, titled Truth.

I don’t take many lyrics to heart, but I love how and what Beau Nox sings on Truth. He sounds like Anderson .Paak, but not as a cheap knockoff. It’s well produced, well spoken, and well sung. It’s teetering on perfection. It might be my favorite song of the year.

Moods. tracklist

Truth Feat. Beau Nox
Homie. Lover. Friend. (Remix of Secret Rendezvous)
How I Feel (feat. Sam Wills)
Prescription (Remix of Kraak & Smaak feat. Eric Biddines)

Love Is Real
Looking At You (feat. C Duncan) (Remix of Ambassadeurs)

Hard To Forget (Remix of Poldoore)
RiRi Thick (Remix of Ian Ewing & SunBLVD)
Uncanny Valley (Remix of Feiertag)

Cashmere (Remix of WDL Feat. Roads)
A Beautiful Mind

A Long Time (Remix of Amin Payne x Ben Bada Boom)
Drifting Along
Nights On The Roof (Jazzvolution)