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Sex is Mmm

Don't say it fast, three times

Original artwork by Christina Muso

So the title. I was listening to some standup on SoundCloud talking about how sexism sounds too close to “sex is mmm,” and how confusing that can be. May not sound that funny, I know, but like a singer that can make cheesy lyrics sound good, so can a comic. Unfortunately I can’t find the bit again. If you have any idea of what I’m talking about, let me know.

And that’s how I come up with these important, but clearly not that thought out titles. Musicians learn from my failues, the package [artist – title, album art] is everything when it comes to introducing your song.

Sex is Mmm tracklist

XamVolo – Down
Moods. – How I Feel (feat. Sam Wills)
Lew – Raigetsu
Wayvee – Lately

John Savage – Come Back
Dr. Dundiff – In Love Everyday
Mikkoh + Decoteau – Get It Up
Nikx – After Party

Bluestaeb – Tomorrow We Will Love Again
Triv – If Only
william crooks – 4 lovers

su na – Hudson
Tiger Tsunami – Ready
spire – Some Day; Mornings
in the blue shirt – toward morning