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Michael Francis · Pony 2012 (Ginuwine Cover)

Produced by Cito On The Beat

Michael Francis

Michael Francis definitely does a decent job at covering Ginuwine’s classic seduction, “Pony,” but I gotta give it to Cito On The Beat for being… on the beat. Cito takes this 90’s classic and makes it up into today’s electro-bass, dubstyle’d scene.

Could definitely see some producer taking this to the next level dubstep, hit me up if you do ;)

Michael Francis – Pony 2012 (Ginuwine Cover)

[via Ashley Outrageous]

Michael Francis
Styles: R&B, Hip-Hop, Alternative
Location: New Jersey
Michael Francis on: | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | SoundCloud

Cito On The Beat
Location: Union City, New Jersey
Label: In The Struggle Productions
Cito On The Beat on: | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube