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Flight Facilities · Clair De Lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)

ff, one of a few groups that I can consistently count on for goood music

I’m use to more fun-loving jingles from Flight Facilities and even though this took some time to sink in, I’m sure glad FF switched it up and even better, pulled it off. One thing that lives on from the past is their fiiine selection in vocalists. I don’t know many other musicians that consistently pair up with such pristine lady vocals.

Christine Hoberg
Styles: “Soul-Alt Country-Experimental-Chant”
Hometown: Superior, Wisconsin
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Christine Hoberg on: Tumblr | Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Bandcamp

Flight Facilities
Styles: Indietronic
Members: Captain Earnest Bon-Huffington, Madame Francois de Lundenkopf, Esquire Winston Humphries III, Fred
Origin: Trinidad & Tobago
Label: Future Classic
Flight Facilities on: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud |