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Indie Girl

Backed by a band

I found out about a new band with some sweet female vocals from the latest live TuneIn sessions and it inspired me to create a playlist (everything inspires me to create a playlist). Or rather finish up a playlist I had been working on for a while, Indie Girl.

All of the women on here are backed by some amount of instrumentalists. In other words, it’s not just some electronic producer behind the boards. Basically, it’s not the usual electronic shit I post.

It starts off with a more jazz jam band kind of feel and gets into indie rock a few songs in. I even put a little punk in there. At least I think it’s punk. I don’t know punk. It finishes off with more of the mellower stuff.

If you’re someone who manages bands or knows somebody who does, give Cloudsurfing a listen. They’re the band I saw at TuneIn and are in need of a manager, bad.

Indie Girl tracklist

The Space Captain – Remedy (feat. Maralisa)
Madelyn Grant & Alekos Syropoulos – Purpose
Izzy Bizu – White Tiger

Joni Fatora – Blueless Bird
Cults – You Know What I Mean
POLIÇA – You Don’t Own Me

Starlight Girls – Fancy
Freedom Fry – Earthquake
Misun – Harlot

Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian At Best
That Girl With The Dark Eyes – Hey Baby
Sibling – Easy

Hundreds – Circus
Oh Wonder – Shark
HNNY – Cheer Up, My Brother